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Years ago, I used to use the rug doctor machine and products. They did a good job, but to be fair, I found I used a lot of cleaning solution. I wanted something better.


I bought my own extraction machine to clean the Luxury cars we were importing at the time, and I wanted something for my own home as well.


I also wanted a cleaner that was high end, highly efficient, was a deodoriser and left your carpet or fabric feeling soft and smelling fresh. AND really clean! Carpet Magic spray pump holds 500ml of a powerful cleaning solution premixed with water.


Carpet Magic is also perfect for the car, and for dirt and grime stains and marks on your carpet of fabric covered chairs, etc. We have used this product on a white jacket turned yellow by the drycleaners. After a couple of spot cleaning washes the jacket was back to its vibrant white colour.


"Wow, am fully impressed by this trade, honest and fast and would trade with again with pleasure - thankyou very much, the carpet cleaner is a fantastic product!" Trade Me Customer


It’s a spray and wipe formulation to clean without the associated hard work factor.


Also available in 500ml and 1litre concentrate. 500ml on heavy-ish mix should make 50litres of cleaning solution; enough to do your home. Typically, I use 30ml per bucket.

NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

Fabric Stain Remover.


This is a highly concentrated fabric cleaner which removes tough stains and marks. Several applications may be required to get the desired results. One of our customers says it's a miracle worker.


My wife had a white jacket which the drycleaners had managed to yellow in parts. She applied Whoops Stain Remover and soaked for an hour then washed. It took several repetitions of this process but eventually the yellow disappeared and the jacket was white and as new.




Try it for yourself and see. You won't be disappointed.


NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.


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