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Tent Magic


Waterproofer for all Cotton Canvas materials such as tents and horse covers.


Tent Magic provides protection for cotton canvas items. It is a proven high quality water proofer, and has a mould and mildew inhibitor built in. As cotton canvas ages, it becomes porous, and modern water proofings fail to restore the necessary body of the fabric to ensure a full water repellent finish.


Using this water based proofer helps fill these points of failure and leaves a waterproof breathable finish. Tent Magic dries leaving a whitewash effect on the fabric.


IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: some of the canvas products on the market today such as boat covers, outdoor furniture covers and horse covers are synthetic or acrylic canvases. They look and feel like canvas but they are not. Tent Magic will not work on these products but we have Tent Magic Ultra which is suitable for synthetic materials and canvases as well. Before ordering, please check with the manufacturer. If this is not possible then here is a way you can check the type of fabric.


If possible take a small hidden spare sample of the fabric and light it - if it burns it is canvas. If it smoulders it is acrylic or synthetic.

NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

For our tent we wanted something that would preserve the canvas, keep it dry and ensure the weave remains tight. We also wanted it to be really easy to apply, and edging and seams can be done quickly by brush, was not flammable or toxic, and clean-up had to be instant and effortless … in water. AND last, but not least, it had to be the right price.


So there you have it, TENT MAGIC, 100% kiwi technology. Each litre should cover an estimated 6 square metres depending on fabric age, condition and prior proofing treatments and fabric density.


Please note that Tent Magic dries leaving a whitewash affect on the fabric.


Check out what one of our customers thinks of Tent Magic.

"Hi Dave,


We purchased a second hand tent last year, and it was as leaky as a sieve. It ruined our holiday when it rained during the night. There wasn't a dry bit of floor anywhere. This year, we purchased tent magic, and I cannot believe how well the product has worked.

We bought two 5l containers worth, did two coats on the outside of the whole tent, and one coat on the inside of the roof, and it works incredibly well. I am so delighted and grateful for how awesome this product is.


I've created a video on youtube that you might want to use if you have anyone like me that was initially very skeptical. The photo to the right shows the quality of canvas that I started with. Trent Dec 2013"

'We've got four large (5m) Lotus Belle canvas tents in Coromandel - they have been up permanently for 18 months (two summers and a winter) and we first applied 'DEATH' after the first six months when the first spots of mould/mildew appeared. It is have been remarkable, literally clearing them up in a couple of days - they went back to clear and bright, as new.  We've also used 'DEATH' on our gazebo at home and it too worked a treat. This stuff works, and quickly.  Would highly recommend.'

Jon & Jacqui from Auckland 2017



This is our newest proofer, almost 100% similar to Tent Magic, but Poly will treat poly cotton canvas tents as well as canvas tents.


Simply brush or roller on. Coverage is 6 square metres per litre depending on the age and condition of the fabric, prior waterproofing treatments and fabric density.


For really worn leaky tents apply out and in.




Avoid silicone or petrochemical re-proofers. Why? They eat the fabric and stitching and they are flammable.

This is neither and wash up is in water.


"Awesome product! I used this to reproof two canvas horse rugs and it kept my horses completely dry during the big deluge of rain we had here a few weeks ago. Recommended."


This is a water based solution with a wax sealant in it.

Full and simple instructions come with Tent Magic Poly. You can download them here.

Tent Magic Poly provides protection for all canvas and poly cotton canvas items and fabrics.


NB: When applied Tent Magic Poly will dry leaving an exterior white film which is the wax emulsion waterproofing.

Tent Magic Poly

NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

Tent Magic Ultra


Waterproofer for all nylon, synthetic and polyester materials such as nylon tents, horse covers and synthetic canvas material used on outdoor furniture and boat covers. Not suitable for PVC, plastic and rubber material.


Tent Magic is NZ's favourite canvas water proofer. ULTRA is the Rolls Royce of water proofing agents and can be applied to all synthetic tents parkas, back packs, horse covers, boat covers and Biminis, outdoor and track clothing and even suede shoes!


Ultra is easy and quick to apply. Simply spray on to the surface after ensuring it is clean and dry, and that’s it. Allow Ultra to cure properly. Ultra dries clear. Please refer to the instructions provided or print them off below.


For instructions on how to use Tent Magic Ultra click here


Coverage - subject to age, condition of the item, prior waterproofing treatments, fabric weight and density.


500mls covers 6.5m2


1Litre covers 13m2


2 litres covers 26m2


4 litres covers 52m2


5 litres covers 65m2


Here is what one of our customers has to say about this product:

NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

Tent Magic Death


Mould and Mildew Killer


Most mould and mildew killers are bleach based and that's just not good for the canvas. Death is the strongest mould killer on the market and it is fabric friendly.


Spray Death on the fabric and lightly scrub.  Depending on infestation, Death can be left for up to 3 days and then hosed off with water.


Once dry, apply Tent Magic or Tent Magic Ultra and you're done!


1 litre of DEATH solution makes 6 litres of spray and provides for up to one year of protection.


Death can also be used to kill mould on ceilings and walls, or any porous surface such as concrete.

NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.


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