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Ultimate Car Wash and Wax


This is the wash and wax of the century. Manufactured in the USA by a company in the business for close to 60 years. This is a superior high end, full high suds wash and wax which leaves a professional gloss for many washes. Use sparingly, between 10 and 14ml per 9 litres only. Soft, luxuriant lather, full sheeting wax, polishes to a show room shine. Expensive but worth it!


Hose debris off car. Add Ultimate to warm or cold water. Wash car as normal. Rinse off. Chamois dry. Buff. Do not rinse in hot water- this will remove the wax.


This is absolute high end, as the wax offers a high gloss finish that will last through several car washes.


Unconditional Money back guarantee. All questions happily answered. All my car and leather products are high end and the finest of quality.



NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.


Ideally used on any vehicle but for that extra gloss on the Porsche, BMW, Alfa Lexus or Merc (to name a few) this just adds so much depth. Your car will love you for it.


Professional plus ++ product.

Trade enquires welcome.




"I continue to wax (forgive the play on words) prolifically and profusely about the Ultimate product. I wish you could see the effect on my red BMW."  M. Isle Auckland.


 Ultimate Car Wax


Ultimate car wash is amazing. Ultimate wax is even better! This is a Pure Carnauba wax (it comes from the foliage of the Carnauba tree from Brazil), and Ultimate Wax is slightly buttery/crumbly in appearance, and very soft to the touch.


Manufactured in the USA, this is very high end. As usual, a little goes a long way. With the wax, anti-swirling agents have been incorporated, so this is particularly helpful for cars painted in dark colours.


Ultimate wax is nonabrasive and will provide long-lasting gloss protection, and can be used on any clear coat surface, painted wood surfaces, furniture, boats, saddles boots and more.


Easy to use and packaged in a convenient sized pottle. Ultimate Wax is concentrated so you only need a little.


All my products are very high end and do not contain fillers.



NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

Ultimate Royal Windsor Gloss



Ultimate gloss is a plastic, vinyl and rubber cleaner/conditioner that provides maximum protection against fading, cracking and ageing while maintaining a clean natural ‘new car’ finish. This resin type cleaner/conditioner actually cures to a protective film, which repels dust and does not float onto the windscreen when in the hot sun.


It does not leave an annoying high gloss reflection like conventional silicone products.


DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL. Spread evenly with a clean cloth. Buff off excess for a rich clean look.


NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

Nuke Car Wash and wax. Nuke Nano Cut and Wax


NUKE is our NZ made car wash and wax on a budget.


AND it is also step 1 of our 4 step car care programme.


Nuke is advanced and concentrated, so 20ml per 9 litres is all you need for a full suds wash and light wax.


It's actually awesome seeing as you use so little and it is so reasonably priced.


It's a great cleaner and mild wax, not nearly in the same league as Ultimate, but then nothing really is. Use this as step one to clean the car and as we are using the 4 step process, we don't need the big wax. After washing just hose off NUKE, use a Chamois if you wish or allow to drip dry.


Step 2 has two options:


Option (a): that's it, job done! OR...


Option (b): apply NUKE NANO. This is a cutter (think cut and polish) but also a wax!


NUKE NANO has nano sized polishers and waxes. Its easy to apply, use a soft cloth to wipe on, allow to dry, wipe off cut and waxed. No hard work needed here!


Step 3 is Ultimate Wax. This will add huge depth and full sheeting wax. Again, no hard work needed! Huge Gloss!


Step 4 is wash the car (after a week or 2) with Ultimate. Full wax is restored and sparkles like a showroom finish.

NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

Ultimate Air Freshener


Ultimate air freshener provides you with that new car smell, with hints of leather overtones.


What makes Ultimate unique is that it is simply not a scent to mask or overlay existing smells and odours; rather it destroys odours first then provides that new car freshness.


Very powerful and quick acting, high end … it has to be to carry the ULTIMATE badge!


Available in a 125ml or 500ml spray.


NOTE: All prices are in NZD and exclusive of GST.


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